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Land Reclamation
No 38

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BANASIK K., BYCZKOWSKI A. Probable annual fl oods in a small lowland river estimated with the use of various sets of data

CUCARELLA V., ZALESKI T., MAZUREK R. Phosphorus sorption capacity of different types of opoka
KARACZUN Z.M., INDEKA L., OBIDOSKA G. Heavy metal content in soil and consumption yield in the vicinity of petrochemical plant
PULIKOWSKI K., KOSTRZEWA S., PALUCH J., SZEWRAŃSKI SZ. Load of heavy metals in drainage waters in the Middle Sudety Mountains
PĘCZKOWSKI G., KOSTRZEWA S., ORZEPOWSKI W. Changes in the reserves of soil retention of arable lands in Central Sudety
JEZNACH J. Some maintenance problems of the drip irrigation in Poland
ZŁOTOSZEWSKA-NIEDZIAŁEK H. Monitoring of the groundwater environment within a landfill site
RABARIJOELY S., BILSKI P., FALKOWSKI T. Usage of the graph clustering algorithm to the recognition of geotechnical layers

LIPIŃSKI M.J., KODA E., WDOWSKA M.K. Laboratory assessment of permeability of a groundwater protective barrier

KALBARCZYK R., KALBARCZYK E. Influence of meteorological conditions on the concentration of NO2 and NOx in northwest Poland in relation to wind direction
SCHEP S.A., GERARD N.J. TER HEERDT., JANSE J.H., OUBOTER M. Possible effects of climate change on ecological functioning of shallow lakes, Lake Loenderveen as a case study
MARGÓCZI K., SZANYI J., ARADI E., BUSA -FEKETE B. Hydrological background of the dune slack vegetation in the Kiskunság
KUIJPER M., DE LOUW P. Brackish water ecosystem restoration based on integrated water system design
MOULD D.J. High temporal resolution monitoring in a wet grassland (Oxfordshire, UK) for estimation of evaporative loss
RUBARENZYA M.H., STAES J., WILLEMS P., BERLAMONT J., MEIRE P. Modelling in support of an interdisciplinary approach to ecosystem restitution
WIENCŁAW E., KODA E., MAREK Z., KACZAREWSKI T. FEMWATER fl ow model of waste soil bank from lignite open pit mine

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